Zika in 2016: A timeline in the battle of Zika virus around the world

Much speculation filled the news about Zika virus over the past year. We watched as news filtered out from Brazil and other countries about the increasing incidence of microcephaly in newborn babies from mothers who were infection with the virus. And, as fears mounted, we witnessed its arrival in the US. What is Zika? Zika […]

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Joanne Cono, MD, ScM

CDC Zika Update: Joanne Cono, MD ScM Clinical Session

Zika Virus is in the news, people are concerned about this epidemic expanding through the U.S. protectorates and threatening the continental U.S. and Hawaii. We’re at the early stages of understanding this virus and there is much misinformation and uncertainty surrounding this new global pathogenic threat. While the anxiety is wide-spread, the Center for Disease […]

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cdc zika update, zika update

Zika: CDC updates clinicians on Zika Virus

Zika, already a problem in Puerto Rico, American Samoa, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, should reach the mainland U.S. as seasonal temperatures climb and the mosquito responsible for transmission becomes active. To date, there have been 273 travel-associated cases of Zika in U.S. States, 19 are in pregnant women and six were sexually transmitted.  In the […]

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